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Upcoming Mission Opportunities.

Here are our currently scheduled upcoming summer mission trips!

2023 - Japan.

Japan is 8x less evangelized than Quebec. We will be helping our missionary, Julie Paquet, as her teams works at planting a church in the metropolitan Sendai area. We will host kids’ clubs, teen clubs, give presentations in public schools, and host “cultural exchange” type evangelistic events.

Japan Flag

2024 - Malta.

We will be assisting veteran American missionaries who have been planting churches on the islands of Malta and Gozo for over 25 years. We will assist them in conducting kids’ clubs, community service projects, and encourage the handful of Christians on these Islands. (There are less than 500 evangelical Christians in the country!)

Flag Malte

2025 - Spain.

Spain is 40% atheist! We will be assisting a Spanish local church in multiple evangelistic outreach activities. We will also spend time encouraging national believers.

*French proficiency is required to participate on one of our summer mission teams.

Espagne Flag

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