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Accueil » News » The Belanger family in Slovakia – Prayer letter February-March 2024

The Belanger family in Slovakia – Prayer letter February-March 2024

No stopping!

Our Youth Christmas Special was a fun-filled evening! Several games, acapella Christmas carols and so on! For the teaching, we focused on the gifts of God through the incarnation of Jesus on earth and salvation. On December 30, youth started at an indoor climbing center and ended at a shopping mall food court with fries, pop, and cookies. While eating, we made various parallels between climbing and spiritual life. We talked a lot about faith, the importance of being attached to the word of God, as well as the fear that often paralyzes us, even though we are perfectly safe in God. Without skipping a week, we resumed our series on the women of the Bible on January 6. Thank you for praying for Silvia and Isabelle, their first study and Isabelle’s first study entirely in Slovak, both went well. We are currently in the middle of a series on what the Bible says about angels and demons. As always, the goal is to inform our young people biblically and to draw applications for the daily life of the Christian. In March, we will start studying other religious movements in the face of Christianity and how to reach people with these sets of beliefs.

Our core of teens: Samuel, Ézekiel, Terezka, Veronika and Nikolas are faithful every week. Lubka and Slavik have been more intermittent lately. In the case of Semir and Viktoria, it has been several weeks since we last saw them at youth group. Our prayer is that we can soon have them regularly again. That said, we take advantage of technology to send, every week, sheets with the main study points to the teens who miss youth group. This way they have an overview of the study we had. We also continue to deliver the daily devotional booklets to those who are absent each time a new one is released.

In addition, we take advantage of spending time with our young people outside of youth meetings when the opportunity presents itself. In January, we went skating with Nikolas and Semir. We were even able to get to know the Semir’s father during a friendly hockey game. He seems to have recovered from his health problems.

In addition to praying for his salvation, we invite you to pray for the salvation of Lubka and Slavik's father, in Ukraine. Avoiding the subject until now, lately they chose to open up a little. Let's pray that they can be a light for him and let's pray for their mom who is doing her best to make ends meet with three jobs.


Thanks be to our God and our thanks to each of you, His family! Once again, He allowed us to finish the year with 100% of our support. We praise Him for being able to participate in His work with our family for another year in Slovakia and partly in North America. Our prayer is for His wisdom to use what He grants us most effectively.

To save on gas and reduce wear and tear on the van, we had been considering buying a small car for some time. God opened the door to this, three days before our van left for the garage. Through the seller's stubbornness in holding his price firm and the desire of all potential buyers to negotiate, God kept this remarkable vehicle on the market for several months, until we could purchase it. Glory to Him who knows everything and can do everything!

Since, in Slovakia, we only pay for plates when purchasing the vehicle, a whopping $50, and insurance being minimal, the car will save us several hundred dollars each year! In addition to the savings, this second vehicle will allow us to transport even more teens when we have youthgroup activities. For those of you who are curious, this vehicle is a rare combination of a very economical small car with up to seven seats when needed!

Celebrate because it is fixed!

Even with the holidays over, there is always reason to celebrate our God! Thank you for keeping our van repairs in prayer.

Ultimately, our van had to spend three weeks in the garage. For that reason, we were truly grateful that the little car God directed us to purchase could transport the entire family when needed. It turned out that it was an expensive and originally unforeseen part that was causing the exhaust leak inside the van. The Lord, knowing the final price beforehand, provided the necessary 2000eur ($3000), we praise Him for His faithfulness!

To serve and witness!

Thank you each who are praying for Samuel and his trip with JET to Malta this summer. Please continue to do so! Currently, he is still missing around $2,000. So, he continues to work every day to raise the necessary money.

Visiting churches last spring, we spoke of JET’s adult trip to Israel. Despite the situation, this trip is still taking place from February 29 to March 9. Our contacts there assured us that the Tiberias region is as safe as possible, they themselves living there normally day to day. Furthermore, it turns out that, by a divine turn of events, the Israeli government evacuated all Israelis living near borders in this locality. There are therefore a crowd of evacuated people waiting to be able to return home., with not much to do. Yet, that's not all, there are also thousands of soldiers on "leave" in these places far from the fights, waiting for their next assignment. All these people gathered in an extraordinary way represent an unparalleled opportunity for the Gospel. Initially, JET was going there to reach people in the region. Now there is an opportunity to influence people who will return to all corners of Israel and Israeli military personnel from around the world who came to serve their country! We know that God will keep our departure, our arrival, and the opportunity before us is unprecedented. That’s why, after praying and God opening the doors, Isabelle and I decided to join the team. The kids will be staying in Slovakia with friends for the week, something they are already excited about!

La famille au pied des belles montagnes

Here we go again!

A new year, a new set of birthdays! Thank you to those who wished Isabelle a happy birthday on January 6.

Rosalie just turned eleven at the end of January. Samuel will be turning 15 at the end of March. Incredible! We pray that they continue to grow under the Lord's gaze and love Him with all their hearts!

Philippe and Isabelle

* Our support comes only through churches and individuals that God puts at heart to encourage us financially. We do not receive any support from other organizations or missionary groups.


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