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Accueil » News » The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newsletter April-May-June 2023

The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newsletter April-May-June 2023

Through towns and cities

For three months now, we have traveled the beautiful region of Quebec and much further afield talking about Slovakia, challenging people to get involved in prayer with us and to witness here in Quebec. What a joy to be able to serve our Lord in this way too! We are truly grateful for the wonderful people we have had the opportunity to meet over these weeks.

The welcome of all the brothers and sisters that we have been able to visit so far warmed our hearts. We would like to be able to be present in every place that contacts us, but in some cases it is impossible. At each church we had the opportunity to visit, God gave us special moments in different ways.

During our visit to St-Georges, one of my uncles and one of my aunts (Philippe), normally closed to the Gospel, accepted the invitation to come and attend church. Please pray for the work of the Lord in the hearts of Gilles and Louise, the latter whom we were able to see again during our recent visit to the United States.

This is how we roll!

Yes, May is already over. Already 3/4 of our time in North America is behind us. For us, this concludes a month-long road trip. This trip took us to Ontario to visit the owners of our home in Slovakia and visit their church in the Slovak Christian community in Toronto. We also had the opportunity to be present at the graduation ceremony for my master's degree. Of course, our program also included visiting several churches where people pray for us and support us in different ways. In these four weeks, we had the opportunity to meet Christians from more than seven churches. Thank you for your prayers, everything has been wonderful on the road.

Where will we be next?

Praise the Lord, our vehicle here has allowed us to travel almost 6000 km in one month, bringing us to our destination each time. I'm told our van in Slovakia is suffering from minor electrical issues all of a sudden, please keep this in your prayers so the cause can be sorted out quickly. Here is our schedule until the end of June:


Sun 4          Groupe Biblique de la Rive Sud

Sun 11 Église Évan. Baptiste de Magog

Wed 14 Église Baptiste Évan. Rivière-du-Loup

Thurs 15 Église Baptiste Évan. Rivière-du-Loup

Sat 17 Église Évan. Baptiste Baie-Comeau

Sun 18 Am Église Évan. Baptiste Baie-Comeau

Sun 18 Pm Youthgroup Baie-Comeau

Staying connected!

Thanks to technology, we were able to stay in touch with our young people and share a bit of Quebec with them. Technology has also allowed us to help our leaders by meeting with them to encourage them and keep up to date. We were also able to help them in a concrete way, by recording one of the studies that they then only had to present to the group of teens.

The home stretch

The coming weeks will be spent visiting some remaining churches and youth groups. We will also play a very long game of Tetris, trying to pack our bags with several more things, blessings found at low prices in thrift stores and things that have been given to us! Space and weight must be respected to avoid any problems at the airport!

On our way home, we will have a rather short layover in Switzerland, please pray that we will not miss our following flight to Vienna.

Family and friends

Of course, we will take advantage of our families and friends during these last weeks in Quebec. We thank the Lord for all the opportunities that a visit to North America has given us, such as being able to stock up on reading material in French and English for all of us at a minimal price.

The icing on the cake was being able to introduce a lot of things "from home" to our children. On June 30, we will leave with our heads full of beautiful memories, grateful and blessed hearts, excited to continue serving the Lord among our Slovak brothers and sisters!

May the Lord bless you!

Philippe and Isabelle

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

* Our support comes only through churches and individuals that God puts at heart to encourage us financially. We do not receive any support from other organizations or missionary groups.


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