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The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newsletter April-May 2024


We continue to work on laying solid foundations through the teaching of our young people and the training of Andrej and Silvia. Our latest series, “The Bible and Other Religions,” allowed us to evaluate several religious groups in light of Scripture and teach our youth how we can approach them. This series aims to equip them to be able to evangelize different people they meet and/or will eventually meet, but also to protect them from the false teachings and methods that many of these groups use. Our teachings for the end of May and the beginning of June will be dedicated to the missionary needs in European countries.

As for our leaders, we are currently covering the why behind each part of our weekly meetings. The goal is to help them understand the purpose and best way of doing everything we do, and thus be able to maximize their potential. Whether it is for games, songs, study, prayer time or snack time, it is better to have a philosophy. When used well, each of these parts can have a great impact in the spiritual life of our young people, as well as a considerable impact on the proper functioning of the group.

It is with pleasure that we share with you that on the Saturday evening while Isabelle and I were in Israel, Veronika made a profession of faith! We praise the Lord for this step! We are grateful for Silvia who began to accompany her in her first steps in Christian life. Let's pray together for her, she loves learning about God, but her life seems filled with conflict. Both of her parents are not Christians and, from what we can observe, her relationship with her mother has been rather strained for a long time.

We always pray for the opportunity to be around Semir and Viktoria more. For now, the influence we are able to have remains rather at a distance, although we welcome this window of opportunity! At least,

-we can easily communicate with them,

-every day, they have the personal devotionnal.

-each week, they have the summary of the study of the youth group.

Let's pray for God's work in their lives and that of the rest of the family, mom, dad and their little sister.

In early May, we had our first service activity with the youth group! Our church has a beautiful little terraced area behind the building. Over the years, various arrangements have been made and the space is in relatively good condition. We can’t wait to use it for our youth meetings this summer! However, different things tended to grow out of control. So we went on Saturday, May 4, to clean and work on different projects. Several of our young people attended the activity, let us pray for the discussions we were able to have during the work.

Corvée de nettoyage de la jeunesse à l’église

Abba Father

Our Heavenly Father takes wonderful care of us. Those who receive our emails have seen this with the story of my new office chair.

A child wanting to do everything his own way will miss out on benefits and risk problems. It's not best for him to ignore that his parents are there and want to help him.

We are the children of the Heavenly Father. Our mandate is to seek to accomplish His will, the best for our lives. If we do not submit every need, every decision to Him, waiting for His response and His timing, how will we be able to see Him act? If we don't entrust everything to Him, how often will we miss out on His blessings, His plans so much better than ours?

As our Lord said in Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things will be added to you.» Let's do what we're supposed to do and let Him guide us through everything else.

Serve and Witness!

As many have read, our trip to Israel was an extraordinary experience on several levels. We have seen God at work many times. On the very first day, a flight delay and complications allowed me (Philippe) to witness to a young man named Eli. Let us pray for his salvation.

Through several things we have done and through contacts of Jeff and Tonda, we have had the opportunity to be a testimony to non-believers and an encouragement to many Christians in Israel. Of course, these nine days were also an opportunity to put a multitude of images on the text of the word of God. Observing, understanding and bringing this word to life were all things that we had the opportunity to do by having the privilege of walking where our Lord did more than 2000 years ago.

A quick visit in Quebec

Thank you for your prayers for Samuel and his mission trip with JET to Malta. In the last days, he received everything he needed to finish paying the total price of the trip.

Pray for his school, some of these classes are a good challenge for him right now. As part of the preparation for the trip to Malta, Samuel will be in Quebec with Isabelle from May 22 to June 10. There, he will participate in the two weekends of preparation for the JET team. We thank the Lord for the opportunity this will give them to enjoy time with people who are precious to us! Please pray for Isabelle and Samuel in their travels, as well as for me and the three others who are in Slovakia.

We invite you to attend the presentation of the JET team in the Quebec region at the Église Évangélique Chauveau on Sunday, June 9.

May the Lord bless you!

Philippe et Isabelle

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and

preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

* Our support comes only through churches and individuals that God puts at heart to encourage us financially. We do not receive any support from other organizations or missionary groups.


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