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Accueil » News » The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newsletter December 2022-January 2023

The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newsletter December 2022-January 2023

End the year in style

Praise the Lord, we have already been doing youth ministry in Stará Túra for five months. We have had the opportunity to cover many basics of the Christian life with our teens. It is a blessing to be able to move forward in our relationships with them and occasional visitors.

Furthermore, we are grateful that we had the opportunity to start training two men from the church. It is encouraging to see that they want to invest even more time with our young people. Keep Andrej and Janči in your prayers. The latter wishes to be further involved with the youthgroup, but being an elder in the church and the father of three young children, he feels torn. He wishes for another brother from the church to join the elders, leaving him free to be fully involved with the youth ministry.

Slavik watching Andrej build a Christmas tree (tower of glasses) at our Christmas youth group.
Slavik watching Andrej build a Christmas tree (tower of glasses) at our Christmas youth group.

Things are getting hot!

Thank you all for praying for the situation with our firewood. At the end of November, we received a second part of our order. Our God, knowing the times and the needs, there was no shortage of wood! Our Lord is not often early, but He is never late. It is always good to remember this truth.

Frequently, we quickly deal with issues that the Lord might want to deal with in His time and His way. Our anxiety, our lack of control over what is happening, among other things, then prevent us from waiting for God's timing. By rushing, we miss the opportunity to enjoy His blessings because we respond to our needs without giving Him the opportunity to do so.

Back to 2022

And His blessings, they are many! May we always say, like the Psalmist, “My soul, bless the Lord, and forget not his benefits!” (Ps 103:1). Again in 2022, the Lord has blessed us in many ways and allowed us to be a blessing for others ourselves. We want to thank Him and you for your prayers and your participation in His work. Glory to God, by His timing and the spontaneous generosity of brothers and sisters, our JET-recommended support has been met for the year 2022.

Coming soon to a church near you!

It is with pleasure that after five years of absence, God willing, we will be on the same side of the ocean as you in less than a month! Following our attempt to visit in 2020, we had plane tickets on hold with Turkish Airline. Unfortunately, when we came to use them for this trip, they mentioned a rule unknown to us; that is, a ticket expires two years after its date of purchase, and that even despite Covid-19. Even after many emails exchanged, they were not ready to do anything to help us with the situation. The result is that we had to repurchase tickets and lost just over $3,000. We trust God will continue to provide for us despite this great, unexpected loss. Please continue to pray for our support.

During our stay in North America, the Lord gives us, so far, the opportunity to visit brothers and sisters in more than twenty churches. We will have the opportunity to serve in many ways, whether by presenting our ministry, by bringing the Word, by participating in conferences, and we will see what more the Lord has in store for us. We also want to be able to visit several groups of young people and be an encouragement for them.

You guessed it, we will be out and about a lot. We thank the Lord, He has already found us a place to stay. However, we still have to find a vehicle to do all these visits, including a whole month on the road in the United States. Let us pray together that God will supply for this need, in His way and in His time. After all, “Lord God of hosts! Who is like You, mighty, O Lord? Your faithfulness surrounds you” (Ps 89:8). We can't wait to see how He will meet that need!

The family on a hike to an historic castle deep in the woods!
The family on a hike to an historic castle deep in the woods!

The family

By the grace of God, all is well with us. Recently, Rosalie joined the club of glasses wearers. She had problems when reading for a longer time and that tipped us off. Thank the Lord, everything was done quickly, just before Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who is praying for Ezekiel. At the beginning of February, we have an appointment with another specialist to dig deeper and hopefully come to a solution to the unpleasant issue that has accompanied it for a long time.

The reason for the season

We sincerely hope you had a Merry Christmas, and we wish you a blessed New Year in the Lord. As they say in English, Jesus is the reason for the season, a reason to make sure we don't forget or put him aside! Besides, we can celebrate His birth throughout the year! It never goes out of season.

May the Lord bless you!

Philippe and Isabelle

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and

preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

* Our support comes only through churches and individuals that God puts at heart to encourage us financially. We do not receive any support from other organizations or missionary groups.


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