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Accueil » News » The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newetter July-August-September 2023

The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newetter July-August-September 2023

Getting back on our own two feet

We have been back in Slovakia for two months already. The first few weeks were filled with catching up in several areas. Appointment for follow-up of this and that... This is what happens when you are absent for four months! A brother had generously mowed the lawn around the house just before we arrived, thank you Lord. When I arrived, all I had to do was take care of the orchard, which at this point had grass at waist height. After six short hours on the tractor, it was done. I thank the Lord for having this equipment to take care of it, even when the grass gets that high. I could always have done it with a scythe, but it would have been much longer!

The brothers and sisters in the congregation were overjoyed to see us and to hear about the churches we were able to visit. It was a real encouragement for them to know that so many people are praying for them. In the weeks that followed, I also had the opportunity to lead worship for them.

Pick up where we left off!

The youth is in full swing, we have started to meet every week. Due to various circumstances, this had not been the case until now. We are in the process of putting together a plan for the fall with our leaders. Pray with us about their availability and youth meetings. Janči (pronounced Yantchi), a trucker, often leaves for days at a time. For Andrej, his schedule as a caregiver in a nursing home leads him to work evening and daytime schedules, which change from week to week. With the return of school, our schedule will be more difficult to arrange. Slavik entered the Conservatory of Music in Bratislava and will study in the capital all week, only returning to Stará Túra on the weekends He also just started working. So that will leave us with little flexibility, but we know that God will help us find the best time to have our meetings on a regular basis.

And guests!

We had the privilege of having the visit of Jeff and Tonda from August 12th to 20th. It was a blessed time. Of course, they both attended the youth group with us. Furthermore, Jeff brought the Word to church on the two Sundays they were there with me as an interpreter. We thank the Lord for allowing them to take these few days with us, following the trip of the JET team to Japan and their missionary visits to Croatia and Slovenia, among others.

It leaks!

In the last few weeks, we have had heavy showers. This resulted in water in the basement, mostly in my office and where we keep our firewood. Twice, I sucked up more than a gallon of water that had accumulated on the floor. Work will therefore be necessary to arrange everything. Please pray for this. During Jeff and Tonda's visit, our water heater, which had started to leak slightly, gave up the ghost. Thank you Lord, it got resolved the same day. I was grateful to have Jeff's help to change that big piece and that the new heater was available and on sale at the store :)!


We thank God for blessing us with a vehicle that continues to take us to our destination in Slovakia, too. Rolling more, the electrical issues are not causing issues like they did when it sat more, but I'll have to look into that, like some other things. Thanks again to the Lord for my background in mechanics, I have already been able to carry out some maintenance/repairs in the last few weeks. In the last few days, the van passed the state inspection successfully. A somewhat sensitive engine repair will, however, be needed in September, one that I am unable to perform. Let’s pray together that it will go off without a hitch because the amount could easily go from 200 euros (300$Can) to 500 euros (750$Can).

On another note, our full load of firewood arrived, early in August. So, we are ready for fall when it arrives, even if there is no rush.


Everyone is doing well. Isabelle invests a lot of time in planning the school for this year. You can pray for Samuel, he will be starting an online school program in English with a Christian school in Ontario, and he is a little stressed about the unknown. Ezekiel continues to visit specialists, his next appointment will be a two-day hospitalization in early October. These two big boys are also starting to save money to travel with JET in the next years. September, also means that Ezekiel and Laurianne will have their birthdays, respectively, on the 3rd and 20th. We thank you for your prayers for us parents and for our children.

May the Lord bless you!

Philippe and Isabelle

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

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