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At St-Patrick Chalet

As is widely known among Quebecois evangelicals, JET mission exists to help Francophone churches in Canada mobilize people for world missions in view of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth as Christians were so commanded by Jesus Christ. Since its inception in 2002 JET has organized mission trips for twenty-six different groups and has had five full-time missionaries serve with the organization. It is the desire and prayer of the organization that the Quebecois Church develop a greater and greater involvement in the world mission endeavor. To this end the JET administrative board voted unanimously in January of 2018 to create a one year Bible and mission study program under the auspices of JET in an effort to help the Quebecois church deepen its commitment and participation in world missions and to be a blessing & aid to Christian brothers and sisters on the world’s neediest missionfields. This prospectus exists to give more information to those interested in learning more about the purpose, organization, and structure of the program.


The one year study program has three main purposes.

First, to disciple the Quebecois Church. Most Christians in Quebec are not called to become full-time missionaries at the uttermost part of the earth, however, all Christians have a responsibility to understand what the Bible (both Old & New Testaments) teaches about missions and to understand their role and responsibility – regardless of their call.

Second, to assist national workers and missionaries working on the world’s neediest missionfields. As a missionary organization, we desire to help full-time workers in places that are in greater spiritual need than Quebec. That limits the scope of our work to the 95 countries that have a lower percentage of evangelicals than we find here Quebec. This will mean that all of our international internships will focus on helping missionaries in these environments.

Third, to mobilize those who are called. Over the last 20 years many Quebecois adults have related their initial interest in missions at the moment of their salvation, unfortunately, most of them were never given an opportunity explore this interest or consider a call to foreign missions. Since its founding in 2002, fourteen former JET participants have gone into full-time ministry (Seven with cross-cultural foreign mission organizations; two with cross-cultural ministries working in Quebec; three into pastoral ministry in local churches in Canada; one into ministry with troubled teens and one into Quebecois university student outreach.)


The current plan is that the program will be located in a building (yet to be acquired) presumably located in the area near the mission headquarters in Lac-Beauport, Québec. However, we are open to conducting the program at another site should the Lord provide facilities at another location. It is essential that the property will have a building (or buildings) that will provide the needed space for and facilities for:

1. Teaching Bible classes to all the students at the same time;
2. Separate sleeping facilities for both men and women participants in the program;
3. Dining facilities (kitchen and dining room);
4. An indoor activity space for sports and physical activity;
5. A lounge / living room area;
6. An apartment for the program supervisor;
7. A guest room for the guest speaker.

To know more about the "Saint-Patrick Chalet" download the PDF below:

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