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About us.

Jeff & Tonda Street have been full-time Christian workers in the province of Québec (Canada) since 1997. While raising six kids they also helped many churches to develop national leaders, especially in the area of youth ministry, and they also reached many young people with the love of Jesus! In 2002, they started JET (Jusqu’aux Extrémités de la Terre – To the Ends of the Earth) with the goal of helping French-Canadian churches mobilize people for world missions. As you will see on this website, God has worked in a great way through the call that he gave to them!

Jett et Tonda Street
Armoirie Mission Jet

Our crest.

Why a Red Cross?

In the early 5th century a young man left his home and ministry in England to follow God’s call to evangelize the heathen of Ireland…a land where he had once been a slave. His name was Patrick. During his more than 40 years of ministry he led thousands of people to Jesus Christ and established numerous mission stations. The missionary zeal that he imparted to his converts had such an impact that the Irish church became the greatest missionary sending church of the Middle Ages. 100 years after the death of Patrick, 1/3 of missionaries in Europe were Irish! It is our prayer that God would do the same thing here in Quebec; that a place that had only a handful of Christians in 1960 would become a center for world mission…to the ends of the earth! So, when we chose a crest for JET we chose the red cross of St. Patrick with the prayer that God would do something here like he did with the Irish church so long ago!

Why a fleur-de-lis?

The fleur-de-lis is a symbol long recognized to be French. And so are we! When we established JET it was our desire that it would be a mission through which the French Canadian Church could become active in world missions. We believe that it should not be necessary for a French Canadian to have to learn English just so he can apply to a mission organization to then go and learn a third language! This presents an unnecessary hurdle for French speakers who want to serve the Lord. Even though our founders do not speak French as their first language, they insist on doing all our official business in French. We are a French mission!

Why a shield?

Our founders, Jeff and Tonda Street, have had many missionary influences in their lives from the time they were both young. In fact, Jeff had a desire to be a missionary since the age of 5! However, as teenagers, both of them committed their lives to full-time missionary service at Word of Life camp in New York. While not at all affiliated with Word of Life, JET’s missionary vision is due in part to the missionary vision of Jack Wyrtzen and Harry Bollback, the founders of Word of Life. So, in recognition of their influence upon JET, a shield shaped crest was chosen similar to that of Word of Life’s original crest.

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