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Mission JET

A French-Canadian organisation sending missionaries to the ends of the earth!


Our missionaries.

Discover the timeline of our past summer mission projects! Please take a few minutes to watch these videos and rejoice with us for all that God has done!

Our Missionaries.

In the same way that Jesus came to live among us, our missionaries live among the people in some of the most un-evangelized countries on earth so that they might share the Good News and build-up & encourage small Christian communities.


Julie Paquet

Julie Paquet

Originally from the Quebec City area, Julie has served in Japan as a missionary since 2016. She participated in planting a church in the south (Kagoshima) and is now assisting in planting a church in Sendai. Her ministry primarily focuses on reaching youth and training youth leaders, discipling women, and spreading the good news of the Gospel!


Bélanger Family

Philippe and Isabelle Bélanger

This couple and their four kids moved to Europe to reach the youth of Slovakia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Since 2015 they have been helping national churches train leaders, reach teenagers, and make disciples!

Chalet St-Patrick

St-Patrick Chalet.

The St. Patrick Chalet project has been organized to develop a one-year program for young adults that will teach them the Bible and a biblical approach to missions – no matter what their calling! Moreover, the program will be bilingual: French / English thereby giving each student the opportunity to learn a second language! The year will be capped-off with a three-month missionary internship in another part of the world.

About us.

Jeff & Tonda Street have served as full-time Christian workers in Quebec since 1997. They have helped many churches strengthen their youth ministry and have reached many teenagers with the love of Jesus! In 2002 they started JET with the goal of helping French-Canadian churches become more involved in world missions. As you will see on this website, God has worked greatly through the call that he gave them.

Jett et Tonda Street


Slovakia flag

The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newsletter April-May 2024

31 May 2024

Building We continue to work on laying solid foundations through the teaching of our young people and the training of Andrej and Silvia. Our latest series, “The Bible and Other Religions,” allowed us to evaluate several religious groups in light of Scripture and teach our youth how we can approach them. This series aims to… Read More »The Belanger family in Slovakia – Newsletter April-May 2024

The Belanger family in Slovakia – Prayer letter February-March 2024

07 Feb 2024

No stopping! Our Youth Christmas Special was a fun-filled evening! Several games, acapella Christmas carols and so on! For the teaching, we focused on the gifts of God through the incarnation of Jesus on earth and salvation. On December 30, youth started at an indoor climbing center and ended at a shopping mall food court… Read More »The Belanger family in Slovakia – Prayer letter February-March 2024

The Belanger family in Slovakia – Prayer letter December 2023-January 2024

01 Dec 2023

Celebrate what happened recently! Our youthgroup’s Christmas is just around the corner like yours, we will celebrate with young people on Saturday December 23. But, first of all, a little look back at what happened in the last few weeks. We have completed our study series on 1 John and will be studying Jochebed, Miriam,… Read More »The Belanger family in Slovakia – Prayer letter December 2023-January 2024

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